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What We Do

RV Healthcare Analytics believes that one size does not fit all and that health systems face unique challenges based on variables in both market and workplace conditions.


RV Healthcare Analytics helps healthcare organizations identify unnecessary expenses, remediate costly practices, and develop healthy alternatives to misaligned legacy methodologies.


RV Healthcare Analytics enables clients to become extremely lean through a combination of proprietary technology and techniques, without consuming resources or undermining outcomes.


RV Healthcare Analytics has developed a best-in-class methodology for ensuring organizations are reimbursed for work performed without engaging unwanted regulatory scrutiny or undermining outcomes.

Value Opportunity Scorecards

RVHA produces updated quarterly Value Opportunity Scorecards on 3214 acute facilities in the United States. The purpose of these reports is to provide an objective analysis of the impacts of operations on each individual institution.

Value Opportunity Scorecards are constructed from 4 distinct sections:

Overall Operational Landscape

A visual depiction of macro factors that frame your current operating position.

Pay IQ® Benchmark

A detailed comparison of your labor efficiency to similar facilities locally and nationally.

Annual Recapture Estimate

A calculation of the amount of annual waste savings available to your organization without downsizing.

Patterns Being Monitored

A quick assessment of risks based on the current landscape.

Value Enhancement Program

After performing over 270 in-depth operational and financial audits of integrated health-systems, RVHA developed their proprietary Value Enhancement Program (VEP), engineered to solve some of the most frustrating issues faced by organizations undertaking large scale re-design initiatives.

Proprietary Diagnostic Service

RVHA identifies achievable value potential between current state and possible state for over 100 areas of performance and feeds ideas to the VEP Tool. Performed at over 270 health-systems, this service identifies an average of 6.25% of net revenue in annual improvement potential.

Value Enhancement Program Tools

A turnkey solution for engaging staff at all levels in identifying value opportunities, prioritizing them and remediating them in a distributed manner, the VEP includes cutting edge rapid process re-design technology usable by novices and is dropping an average of 9% of revenue annually to hospital’s bottom lines.

Professional Support Services

RVHA experts will work with your team to help address the greatest challenges they face; gaining access to the actionable business intelligence that allows them to change outcomes, and measuring the value and financial results of these changes.

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