Case Studies

“We will achieve our goal of our 20+ Million Dollar saving… I really believe it solidified the leadership to work toward a common goal.”

– Joseph Alessandrini, Inspira, VP Clinical Services

These videos were taken when we were still known as Workforce Rx. These are real clients with real success stories.

Empowered Staff

Cary Martin
CEO, Houston Healthcare

We felt that employee engagement would be critical. By involving them and the work teams, the actual solutions become their solutions.

Hands-on Consulting

Sean Whilden
CFO, Houston Healthcare

They’re not like other consulting firms that come in, require a big fee, do all the work for you, leave, and everything falls apart.

Significant Savings

Ron McArthur
CEO, Summit Healthcare

We set the goal at $2.6 million and we gave ourselves a year and we actually exceeded the $2.6 million savings goal.

Efficient and Effective

John J. Capobianco
VPO, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

At the end of the day, everyone thinks we have a much better streamlined process, and were more efficient and effective.

Holistic Improvements

Betty Sheridan
COO, InspiraHealth Network
We realized that with the interdisciplinary teams bringing structure, in an easy way, on a daily basis, we could achieve phenomenal results for our patients, and also financially.

Zero Layoffs

Thia Ebert CNO, Summit Healthcare To show us a way to be able to reduce cost, to save money, and not have to reduce our labor force, is huge.

Unique Approach

Susan M. Schapp
VPF, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

I like the idea that you continue to come back. It’s not a report and you go away. The fact that you continually comeback is very beneficial to our organization.

Collaborative Culture

Joseph Alessandrini
VP, Inspira Health Network

It solidified the leadership to work towards a common goal. Everybody owned the task of the $22 million savings.

Team Based

Doug Gilchrist
COO, Summit Healthcare

They draw everyone into the conversation. There was a great amount of participation in the dialogue and willingness to learn and improve.

Think Outside the Box

Connie Kakavas
CHRO, Summit Healthcare

It’s been a good reminder that there are ways we can be more productive without necessarily having to come up with a number of dollars or reducing FTE, that type of thing that is very impactful to your budget.

Data Driven

Melinda Hartley
VP, PCS, CNO, Houston Healthcare

They started to pull our data and use a lot of data analytics that was very specific to Houston Healthcare, and I liked that because we are unique and we have our own culture.

Meaningful Engagement

Carolyn Jacobs
CQCO, Summit Healthcare

I had pages of ideas, when I put it out to my staff, which I only have about twenty people, they had pages of ideas for us to save money, and they felt extremely passionate about it.

Fueled by Passion

Kurt Loveless
CFO, Summit Healthcare

We put together our exercise teams and we started to formulate plans to improve our processes. That was a fun day, that was an exciting day, and I think that was the beginning of when you could really see the impact that this might have on our organization.