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Value Opportunity Scorecards

RVHA produces updated Value Opportunity Scorecards quarterly on 3214 acute facilities in the United States. The purpose of these reports is to provide an objective analysis of the impacts of operations on each individual institution.

Value Opportunity Scorecards are constructed of 4 distinct sections:

– Overall Operational Landscape – a visual depiction of macro factors that frame your current operating position.
– Patterns Being Monitored – a quick assessment of risks based on the current landscape.
– Pay IQ ® Benchmark – a detailed comparison of your labor efficiency to similar facilities locally and nationally.
– Annual Recapture Estimate – a calculation of the amount of annual waste savings available to your organization without downsizing.

Hospital Waste Recapture Calculator

Our Hospital Waste Recapture Calculator offers an up to date calculation of annual recoverable waste spending at your institution. Simply enter your hospital’s financial information and get a tailored recapture estimate customized to your facility. Information entered into the calculator is considered confidential and private and is only used to compile your tailored estimate.

Cause/Effect Wheel

Hundreds of root causes conspire to create the symptoms of labor waste we’re all familiar with. Our Cause and Effect wheel shares 24 samples of the kind of cause and effect RVHA explores in each audit.

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