Value Enhancement Program
Driving an average of 9% of revenue annually to hospitals’ bottom lines without harming staff or eroding quality.

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What We Do

After performing over 270 in-depth operational and financial audits of integrated health-systems, RVHA developed their proprietary Value Enhancement Program (VEP), engineered to solve some of the most frustrating issues faced by organizations undertaking large scale re-design initiatives.

Proprietary Diagnostic Service

RVHA identifies achievable value potential between current state and possible state for over 100 areas of performance and feeds ideas to the VEP Tool. Performed at over 270 health-systems, this service identifies an average of 6.25% of net revenue in annual improvement potential.

Value Enhancement Program Tools

A turnkey solution for engaging staff at all levels in identifying value opportunities, prioritizing them and remediating them in a distributed manner, the VEP includes cutting edge rapid process re-design technology usable by novices and is dropping an average of 9% of revenue annually to hospital’s bottom lines.

Professional Support Services

RVHA experts will work with your team to help address the greatest challenges they face; gaining access to the actionable business intelligence that allows them to change outcomes, and measuring the value and financial results of these changes.

Benefits of the VEP

Empower Staff

The VEP leverages your greatest asset, improving worker morale and created value without cutting staff.

Create Community

Bringing staff together by empowering without harm.

Increase Revenue and Profit

The drops an average of 9% of revenue annually to our clients’ bottom line.

Improve Outcomes

By enabling clients to become extremely lean without consuming resources, undermining outcomes or targeting people.

Identify Sustainable Efficiencies

The VEP goes beyond low hanging fruit and identifies sustainable practices and operational efficiencies.

No Firing of Staff

The VEP achieves results without staff downsizing and even involves the staff in the identification and execution of solutions.

Return on Investment

Total fees for the 3 year program are LESS than the first year guarantee. Average organizations achieve 19x to 63x the program expense in returns over the 3 year life of the program.


Internal Benchmarking and Value Scoring

RVHA encourages it’s clients to measure results using their own methods and does not engage in measuring the results of our own work.

Value Opportunities

RVHA’s Value Enhancement Program was engineered to solve some of the most frustrating issues faced by organizations undertaking large scale re-design initiatives.



Identifying Value

A myriad of sub-optimized and legacy processes exist that undermine value in 3 areas: reducing expenses, generating revenue, and improving outcomes.

Calculating Value

Staff at the operational level, who are aware of these opportunities, often struggle to articulate them in a manner that makes clear their potential impact or value.

Creating Value

Even once identified, few tools exist that allow an organization to distribute and manage the work of hundreds of re-design activities without creating capacity bottlenecks, incurring enormous expense, or negatively impacting normal operations.

Stage 1: Operational Diagnostic

Finding the Low Hanging Fruit with the Highest Impact The VEP begins with a deep-dive operational diagnostic service designed to identify the first 6-10 large opportunities for value enhancement. The diagnostic service uses hard data, surveys, and interviews and includes analyses of over 100 areas of operations, comparing historical best performance to current average performance to map out the financial gap achievable if organizations could replicate what they have done in the past. The diagnostic service concludes with multiple detailed reports, hundreds of pages of supporting data, and typically identifies an average of 6.25% of net revenue in annual improvement potential.

Stage 2: Idea Generation Initiative

Empower your staff to generate revenue, improve outcomes, and manage costs Stage 2 of the VEP begins with a series of brainstorms across all departments. Staff are provided with tools to assist in idea generation and identification of value opportunities, such as the Value Calculator, used to identify activities with low value that need to be revised or eliminated. Once structure has been created and goals have been established, RVHA utilizes highly-effective techniques for soliciting hundreds of opportunities for gaining efficiency, reducing expense, increasing value, and growing revenue from organizational leaders and staff. We also provide clients with access to thousands of actual plans submitted by different healthcare facilities approved by their executive teams. These plans represent tens of millions of dollars in revenue generation, cost savings, and outcome improvements across multiple hospitals.

Stage 3: Organization and Prioritization

Organizing and prioritizing the work RVHA has developed integrated systems for prioritizing, scaling, assigning, and managing thousands of concurrent projects. These systems allow senior leadership teams to:

  • Decide which opportunities to pursue
  • Assign executive sponsors to each opportunity
  • Assign opportunities to specific employees
  • Attach notes, updates, and requests for information
  • Utilize dashboard that details target value, pending value, and realize value of an initiative

Stage 4: Assignment and Execution

Solving the problems RVHA has developed “first of their kind” technologies for rapid process redesign, rapid role redesign, and rapid cost/benefit validation that allow untrained staff to manage redesign activities rapidly, effectively, and with little time commitment. These technologies give staff the ability to directly and positively impact cost savings without jeopardizing their day to day responsibilities and overall role within their organization.

Stage 5: Tracking and Reporting

Tracking progress and reporting results It is important to create a culture within your organization that emphasizes accountability and the necessity for operational change in order to achieve the best outcomes. To assist in this, RVHA’s VEP solution includes both onsite support and dash-boarding systems, accessible at all levels to ensure your workforce has constant and proper visibility for current and suggested change initiatives.

Technologies and Tools

Schedule Re-Modeling

Our schedule re-modeling tool assists management by predicting staff flex requirements up to 12 months in advance. It offers one click scenario planning and averages 18% costs savings in departments where it is utilized.

Value Calculator

Used to redesign a process or task, this tool will identify activities with low value that must be revised or eliminated.

Additional Tools

RVHA has dozens of additional tools to support identification and execution of the VEP Program, including our Readmission Tool, Pay Reporting Tool, and Executive Dashboards.

Program Outcomes

Bringing an average of 9% revenue to the bottom-line and….


Improved Care Cycle Times


More Efficient Scheduling


Greater Communication


Improved Prioritization of Work


More Staff Participation


Increased Interdisciplinary Collaboration


Enhanced Productivity


Consolidated Procure Practices

All with no downsizing or erosion of quality.

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